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Youth Vote Crucial to Deciding Elections

Dear Nica Times:

Nicaragua is at yet another crossroads in its tormented history, with the national elections approaching and new political coalitions being formed to overcome old failures and fears, and to present a new image and message to older disgruntled voters who have lost faith in the broken promises of traditional political parties and their leadership.

Now, a new generation of young Nicaraguans must choose for the first time who to believe in, trust and follow into an uncertain future in their homeland, or to migrate elsewhere in search of socioeconomic improvement.

What happens during the next few months will be decisive.

I look forward to reading the expanded version of The Nica Times to discover what the future holds for Nicaragua.

Having worked in Nicaragua off and on since 1974 as a technical advisor, researcher, educator and journalist, I appreciate your efforts to better inform readers of what is happening there.

Clifton L. Holland

San José, Costa Rica



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