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Turtle Nesting, ‘Gallo Pinto’!

The only thing that could keep me from a Tico Times reunion is doctor s orders. I m having my second child soon and am earthbound until then. I would have loved to reconnect with the paper s Diaspora some of whom are still in my life. Karen Cheney remains my dearest friend and I have seen David Myer, Miriam Lefkowitz, Ronald Bailey, Peter Brennan and Emma Daly, though not nearly enough.

The Tico Times clearly left its mark on me professionally as well as personally. I work for a weekly and have covered a grab bag of topics from the Olympics to the White House. But nothing I ve done at Newsweek has been as fun as covering turtle nesting. And I still would trade a plate of gallo pinto at the soda up the street for all the power lunches in Washington.


Martha Brant


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