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CAFTA: Postponed for Costa Rica’s Neighbors?

SOME light reading: The publication,in five volumes, of theCentral American Free-TradeAgreement with the UnitedStates (CAFTA) in the officialgovernment daily La Gacetalast week means it can now bediscussed in the LegislativeAssembly. Meanwhile, the dailyLa Nación reported the agreementmay not take effectbetween the other signatorynations Jan. 1 as scheduled,because of delays in complementarylegislation in theCentral American countries thathave ratified the pact, alongwith the Dominican Republic.Neema Moorjani, spokeswomanfor the U.S. TradeRepresentative, neither confirmednor denied these rumors.“All I can say is that we’re workingto implement (CAFTA) assoon as possible,” she told TheTico Times.

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