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North Beats South in Roller Hockey Championship

THE North roller hockey team of expatriate U.S. and Canadian old timers beat the South team of Costa Ricans and Colombians in the third annual North vs. South championship held Nov. 6 in San José. The northerners have won all three matches, chalking up their wins to better organization (they have coaches, while the southerners make decisions by committee) and more experience.The scales may tip in the southerners’ favor someday, however.They are younger – the average age is 24, while the northerners average 38 – and are getting “bigger, better, stronger and faster,” the Asociación Deportiva de Hockey (ADH) announced in a statement.ADH founder and former president Jack Caine played in the championship for the first time this year, newly freed from his role as president and allowed on the rink as a player rather than the referee. He scored two goals and had one assist; one of the goals was the tiebreaker that clinched the North Team’s 6-5 victory.On Nov. 1, Donald Mora became the new ADH president. The association has hockey programs and tournaments for kids and teenagers at no cost and also has an adult league. For more information call Mora at 387-0757, email, or visit


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