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Urban Development Plan Looks for Project Proposals

OFFICIALS are seeking proposals for “demonstrative” urban development projects to receive funding from a European Union donation.The possibilities range from environmental to transportation projects and should demonstrate effective, sustainable city planning under the overall vision of the parent project, Regional and Urban Planning for the Greater Metropolitan Area (PRU-GAM), PRU-GAM head Eduardo Brenes explained.PRU-GAM is funded by an 11 million- euro ($13.5 million) donation from the European Union, 35% of which, 3.8 million euros ($4.7 million), is to be used to fund these demonstrative works.“For example, if a municipality wants to build something, like a park, the program might fund half,” Brenes explained.PRO-GAM, which is being managed under the National Urban Development Plan office, has called on public and private institutions, municipalities, research centers, non-governmental organizations and development associations to make proposals.Press reports last month suggested PRU-GAM is in jeopardy of losing the funds if coordinators do not define soon what projects will be built (TT, Aug. 12). However, Brenes said, “This is not a concern; the projects will get built.”The period for submitting proposals will expire Oct. 10. For more information, call 225-3526.


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