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Costa Rica
Sunday, May 22, 2022

Fishing Law Approved In First Debate

A bill to replace Costa Rica’s outdatedfishing law was approved unanimously bythe 38 legislators present during firstdebate on the floor of the LegislativeAssembly last week, according to assemblyofficials.If passed in the second debate, the 40-page law would prohibit some 20 differentfishing practices and give the CostaRican Fishing and Aquaculture Institute(INCOPESCA) authority to impose finesand recommend jail time for offenders.Costa Rica’s current fishing law wascreated in 1948, but was declared unconstitutionalin 1995 because penalties forviolating the law were not defined clearlyenough.Since then, the country has remainedwithout enforceable fishing regulations(TT, July 23).

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