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Homosexual Seeks Pension of Deceased Partner

FOR the first time in Costa Rica, ahomosexual man has filed a lawsuitbefore the Constitutional Chamber of theSupreme Court (Sala IV) to claim thepension of the deceased companion helived with for more than six years.The man, identified as B. López,declared that after his partner’s deathbecause of illness in 2003, he applied toreceive his pension from the SocialSecurity System (Caja).“My request was rejected, becausegay marriage is not accepted in this country,”López said.López took his case to the Sala IV onFeb. 3, and the high court has agreed toreview the case.“My client’s case touches on aspectsof not recognizing same-sex unions andnot being able to take inheritance fromthose unions,” said Marco Castillo,López’s lawyer.In September 2003, Costa Ricanlawyer Yashin Castillo filed a case beforethe Sala IV arguing the prohibition onsame-sex marriages is unconstitutional.The Sala IV has not yet ruled on thismatter.


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