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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Veggie-oil-powered busses, Earthquake, Fetishist

One Year AgoTwo veggie-oil-powered buses carrying more thantwo dozen members of the Sustainable SolutionsCaravan arrived in San José after a two-month excursionstarting in San Francisco, California, to promotethe benefits of biodiesel.10 Years AgoA devastating earthquake, registering 7.2 on theRichter scale, hit Kobe, Japan, causing more than 4,000deaths but no casualties among Ticos living abroad.30 Years AgoA thief described by police as a “well-knownfetishist” was sought by authorities for breaking intoseveral homes in Pavas, in western San José, and stealingonly girls’ and women’s clothes.(Compiled by María Gabriela Díaz fromThe Tico Times archives.)

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