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Another Oil-Powered Bus Arrives in San José

FOR the second year in a row, a busfueled entirely by vegetable oil arrived inSan José from San Francisco, California, ina journey that took a month and a half tocomplete, two weeks less than the last trip.Stephen Brooks, from the SustainableSolutions Caravan, an environmentalorganization, drove into the capitalSaturday with more than a dozen fellowenvironmentalists from around the world,after traveling through Mexico andCentral America to demonstrate theadvantages of biodiesel and just plainvegetable oil to power motor vehicles.Biodiesel, a petroleum-free, clean-burningalternative to regular diesel, canbe used in any diesel vehicle without anymodification (TT, Jan. 23, 2004).Vegetable oil, another very economicalternative, can also be used in dieselmotors – although some adaptations to thevehicle are necessary. Used oil can oftenbe obtained at no cost from restaurants,where it is usually discarded.After being on the road since Dec. 1,2004, the environmentalists’ final destinationis Punta Mona in the Caribbeanprovince of Limón, where they will gatherfor a weekend workshop on sustainabledevelopment and alternative energy, startingJan. 28.“Last year, 120-130 people came, representing19 countries,” Brooks said.The workshop includes organic meals,accommodations and guided walks for¢30,000 ($65.50), a price that may beadjusted for those who wish to assist butdo not have the means.For more info, call 750-0385 or For info on theveggie-oil-powered bus tour


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