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2005 Vehicle Permits Available Starting Monday

VEHICLE circulation permits, ormarchamos, for 2005 will be availablestarting Monday until Dec. 31.The annual permits, required to circulateon Costa Rican roads, can beobtained at Banco Nacional, Popular,Promérica, Cuscatlán, Interfin, Banex,Bancrédito, BAC San José and Banco deCosta Rica bank branches throughout thecountry, as well as at Más x Menos supermarkets,La Nación reported.The permit may also be paid onlinethrough Banco Nacional, Bancrédito,BAC San José, Promérica, Cuscatlán, orBanco de Costa Rica.This year, the 571 cashiers authorizedto issue the permits will know if acar has passed the mandatory technicalinspection by verifying it with inspectionfirm Riteve SyC online. Without thisrequirement, vehicle owners will not beallowed to pay for their circulation permit.After Dec. 31, the amount due willbegin to accumulate interest, and driversof cars without the 2005 permit stickeradhered to the windshield will be subjectto a ¢10,000 ($22.37) fine and theseizure of their license plates, accordingto the Ministry of Public Works andTransportation (MOPT).


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