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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Costa Rica to Join Global Economic, Social Council

COSTA Rica will have the diplomatichonor of being part of the UnitedNation’s Economic and Social Council(ECOSOC) beginning in 2005, theForeign Ministry announced.The council is made up of 54 countriesand aims to close the gap betweenindustrialized and developing countries.Costa Rica will begin its three-yearterm Jan. 1, 2005.Minister of Foreign RelationsRoberto Tovar said the country will usethe position to promote a proposal byCosta Rican President Abel Pacheco tocreate a high commission against terrorism.ECOSOC is the parent body for nineU.N. commissions, including theCommission on Human Rights and theCommission on Sustainable Development.This will be the fifth timeCosta Rica has been part of thecouncil.

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