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Monster Mash:Little Theatre Group Style

THE Little Theatre Group (LTG) hasscheduled a Halloween bash to rattle yourbones Oct. 29 at 7 p.m.The wicked evening will take off withtricks and treats from 7:30-8 p.m. and willbe followed by two spooky ghost story readingsby LTG members Tom Humes and AnnAntkiw.If you’re into scary movies, you shouldstick around for the live versions of scaryfilm moments, including scenes from“Psycho,” “12 Monkeys” and “2001: ASpace Odyssey,” or just to sing and dancethe night away until the costume competitionstarts after 8 p.m.While costumes are optional, the LittleTheatre Group will offer prizes for the scariest,funniest and most original costumes.The LTG’s Halloween special will end atapproximately 9:30 p.m.Lisa DeFuso, LTG member and organizerof this event, promised a cash bar andcomplimentary treats including Halloweencandy, bocas and “everything that makesyour teeth rot.”She explained this is a first-time eventthat originated from LTG member KevinHuey’s idea to prepare a Halloween multimediaevent and the LTG’s desire to attractmore members. She said they expect to havea “fabulous, wicked” night, and may startthrowing annual Halloween parties.ALTHOUGH it will be more of agrown-up event, children are welcome too.Admission is ¢1,000, but if you bringbocas (salties or sweeties) for 10 people, thefee will be waived.For more info, call the box-office numberat 355-1623 and someone will get back toyou.


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