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Karate, Martial Arts Seminar Scheduled

AN international seminar of Karate Dois scheduled to begin Oct. 2 at 10 a.m. atthe Best Western Hotel Irazú in San José.The two-day event organized by worldacclaimed instructor, Hiroshi Ishikawa,represents the beginning of a program totrain young children and adults for the2007 7th annual Pan-American ShotokanKarate Do International Federation(S.K.I.F.) Championship.Pupils will be instructed in variousdisciplines of the martial art, ranging fromKata to Kumite, beginning with basic fundamentalsfor younger children, to thehighest technical levels for adults. Theyare taught techniques necessary for competingin traditional competition, alongwith the rules of scoring.“KARATE training opens the doorwayto building greater self-confidence.Karate builds stamina, strength, flexibility,and coordination. People can alsolearn and develop calmness, greateralertness, patience, and self-discipline,”Hiroshi said.“The dedication and perseverance of ateam are the keys to reaching success,” headded.Students earn points that increase theirrankings, enabling them to qualify and beeligible to participate in the competition.To participate, it is ¢12,000 for children12 and under and ¢15,000 for thoseover age 12.For more info, call 261-1022 or– Ryan Felix


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