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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Guatemala to Rejoin G-20

BRASILIA (AFP) – Guatemala’sForeign Minister, Jorge Briz, told reportersthis week in Brazil that President OscarBerger has decided to reincorporateGuatemala into the so-called Group of 20(G-20), without consulting the UnitedStates, which pressured Guatemala to dropout of the group last year.Briz said the decision represents Guatemala’sdesire to form a strategic alliancewith countries “of the same thinking.”The G-20 is a Brazilian initiative ofdeveloping countries that is pressuring theWorld Trade Organization to get the UnitedStates to drop its agricultural subsidies.The issue became a sticking point duringthe negotiation rounds of the U.S.-Central American Free-Trade Agreement(CAFTA), resulting in Guatemala’s withdrawalfrom the group last year in responseto U.S. pressures (TT, Oct. 17, 2003).

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