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New Holistic Center Opens in Escazú

THERAPY One, a Holistic HealthCenter, opened Aug. 6 in Plaza EscazúCentro Comercial, a new shopping mall inthe western suburb of Escazú.The center is a welcoming, climate-controlledspace with an excellent sound systemand lighting. The moment one enters, thefriendly staff and restful sky blue décorbestows a feeling of congeniality and comfort.A carved statue of Ganesh, the elephantgod known as the bringer of prosperity andremover of obstacles, stands on the receptiondesk. Close by, the interesting collectionof India jewelry displayed in a glasscabinet is for sale.“The main area is used for yoga classesand exercises, while two small rooms provideprivacy for individual treatments,” saidregistered yoga teacher Joan Martha. “I’vealready started Kripalu classes. My studentsand I really enjoy the surroundings andatmosphere here.”Holistic medicine is an all-embracingapproach to life. Rather than focusing on illnessor specific parts of the body, it emphasizesthe need to look at the whole personincluding analysis of physical, nutritional,environmental, emotional, social, spiritualand lifestyle values.Therapy One’s services, offered by ateam of professional therapists and practitioners,include physical therapy and rehabilitation,massage, Reiki healing, reflexology,yoga and meditation. The center providestreatment for those afflicted with alltypes of back and neck pains, as well asoffering therapy for anybody in need ofrehabilitation after strokes, fractures, sportand head injuries.HOLISTIC therapeutic programs basedon the Himalayan tradition and teachings ofthe great yoga master Swami Rama aredesigned for special groups.“Forever Young” is designed for olderclients, plus others for those in need of cardiovascularmanagement, victims of chronicdiseases such as Parkinson’s, exercises thatdon’t involve high amounts of movementfor arthritis sufferers, and the lowering ofhigh blood pressure without the use of drugsare all available. This program is even availablein the homes of the client.The center eventually hopes to expandand offer Bach Flower remedies amongother treatments and activities related to thephilosophy of holistic medicine.The highly energetic, young clinicaldirector and physiotherapist Gabriel Weber,whose field of expertise is in back and neckpain disorders, moved to Costa Rica lastyear. A graduate of El Salvador Universityin Argentina, he has practiced physical therapyfor more than six years in Florida.While in the United States, he worked asa clinical director, consultant and instructorin numerous centers and hospital outpatientclinics. During this time he traveled toAustralia and New Zealand where hereceived training in physical manipulativeand manual therapy. He studied yoga withGuru Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati and visitedIndia where he assisted with physicaltherapy teaching at the Himalayan InstituteHospital Fund, created by Yogi SwamiRama.“My main goal is to relieve pain andhelp people understand the process of holistichealth; while fostering a cooperativerelationship between meditation, teachingand treatments leading to an optimal feelingof well-being,” Weber said. “The treatmentoffered by the center is one of basic healingpower through human touch. I’m dedicatedto helping people understand the process ofthis, while combining meditation andphilosophies from East and West, both traditionaland alternative for the benefit of thoseinterested in all areas of holistic health.”THERAPY One is located in PlazaEscazú Centro Comercial on the north sideof the old road to Santa Ana, 150 meterswest of Plaza Colonial in San Rafael deEscazú.It is open Mon-Fri. from 8 a.m-8 p.m.and Saturdays by appointment only. Formore info, call 228-5360 or 354-5070.


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