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‘Ronald Reagan’ Arrested For Rape in Honduras

TEGUCIGALPA (AFP) – AHonduran man named Ronald Reagan –no apparent relation to the former U.S.President – was arrested this week for arape and robbery that occurred last weekin San Antonio de Cortés, 200 km northof the capital.Reagan’s arrest prompted the dailynewspaper El Heraldo to investigate theNational Registry of People to see whatother curious names appeared.The paper found that many Honduransare burdened with unfortunate names,including several that are offensive, suchas “Hijo de la Verga,” or – roughly translated– “Son of The Penis.”Other uncommon names includeCircumcision, Frog, Dutch Company,Telephone, God, Border Zone, Clitoris,Alkazeltzer, Transfiguration and Pillow, toname a few.


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