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A small army of correspondents – andthis being military-free Costa Rica, “contingent”might be the preferable term –keeps you informed of the goings-on intheir areas on the Community Connectionpage each week in The Tico Times.Atlanta, Georgia-area native (thenCalifornia transplant) Babe Hopkins coversthe Flamingo-Potrero beat. She’s calledthis section of Guanacaste’s gold coasthome for four years.“I had never been to Costa Ricabefore,” she says, but she fell in love withthe place. “You find a lot of nice peoplehere,” she points out.Hopkins stays busy as an agent forEmerald Shores Realty, and works withvarious community organizations. Shealso writes for the new weekly Potrero basedpublication, The Beach Times.Look for Hopkins’ “Flamingo-PotreroNews” on page W-2 of the Weekend sectionof The Tico Times. You can send heryour news of the area to


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