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Cab Driver Takes His Job Beyond the Wheel

ing a client not to smoke in his spit-polished car.Then there are those humorous things that happen. Cascanteremembers picking up one Canadian tourist at 3 a.m. one morning.After driving her from San Pedro to the airport, she discoveredthat she had left her carrying case with her airline ticketand passport back in San Pedro.So, Cascante returned her to the pick up point where she gotthe case. On arriving at the airport the second time, she discoveredthat while the ticket was in the case, her passport wasn’t.ONCE again the duo returned to San Pedro.“When we got there, I told her to check everything to makesure that she had all that she needed,” he remembered.But it is those times of beyond-the-call type of service thatCascante remembers best.“I had a regular customer who had heart trouble and underwentbypass surgery. Then he broke his leg,” he remembered.“I took him home from the hospital and for the next week Istayed with him and helped him get to the bathroom, I helpedput him in bed and got him up so he could watch TV.“Driving a taxi is my job. If I can help people in other ways,I do,” he addedACCORDING to Rieke, Cascante helps her in many otherways – from mail pick-up to pet care.“When our house was robbed, he came immediately to helpwith translation, clean up and to get temporary locks untilrepairs could be made,” Rieke said.He even helps to his own financial detriment, Rieke added.“When we decided to buy a car, he was there for us. Hedrove us all over the city looking for the right one,” she said.“Yet he never complains now that we have our own transportation.”Cascante’s clients can’t say enough about his generous spirit.“IT is very rare to find a person as special and trustworthyas Oscar,” Rieke said. “Oscar has the key to our car, home andour hearts!”Cascante will drive people anywhere in the country onappointment and will run errands for individuals. Contact himat 388-1281.


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