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New Chamber to Promote Information Technology

MEMBERS of the government andbusiness sector on Tuesday unveiled theCosta Rican Chamber of Information andCommunication Technology (CAMTIC),which aims to promote Costa Rica’sgrowing technology industry.The announcement, which also introduceda new promotion strategy called“Costa Rica: Green and Intelligent,” wasspearheaded by the Ministry of ForeignCommerce (COMEX), the Costa RicanChamber of Software Producers(CaproSoft), and the Ministry of Scienceand Technology (MICIT).Alexander Mora, president ofCaproSoft, said the new chamber’s purposeis “the development of Costa Rica’spotential in the world.” It shares a visionof a high-tech convergence of informationand telecommunications resulting inincreased productivity, he said.Also on hand to address the crowd oftechnology industry workers and membersof the press were Roberto Echandi,assistant ambassador of trade with theUnited States; Luis Adrian Salazar, viceministerof Science and Technology; andCosta Rica’s Vice-President LinethSaborío, filling in for President AbelPacheco, who was in Guatemala for aregional integration meeting (see separatearticle).For more information about the newchamber, see


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