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Former Civil Aviation Officials Sentenced

FOUR former functionaries of theCivil Aviation Administration receivedprison sentences Tuesday of betweenthree and nine years for corrupt practicesduring the administration of formerPresident José María Figueres (1994-1998), according to the Judicial Branch.Among those sentenced is formerCivil Aviation Director Nelson Rodríguez,who was sentenced to nine years inprison. Others sentenced were JoséFrancisco Nicolás, sentenced to threeyears; Freddy Badilla, sentenced to sixyears; and Jorge Arguedas, sentenced tofour years.Rodríguez was found guilty of chargesrelating to the illicit use of airline ticketsdesignated for Civil Aviation employeeswho need to leave the country for trainingcourses or to carry out the duties of theirpositions, La Nación reported.The charges against Nicolás also pertainedto the illegal use of such tickets,while Badilla and Arguedas were sentencedfor charges pertaining to fictitiouscontracts, La Nación reported.


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