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A WILDERNESS First Responder classwill be offered by the Monteverde ConservationLeague for the second time Sept. 6-14 in theChildren’s Eternal Rain Forest in San Carlos innorth-central Costa Rica.Although the event will not be held untilSeptember, a $100 reservation deposit isrequired by June 30 and the rest of the fee, $500,is needed by Aug. 9. The cost includes materials,meals and housing. The class will be presentedin Spanish.The intensive medical training will teachparticipants how to deal with medical emergencieswhen the nearest clinic or hospital is milesaway and calling 911 is not an option.The weeklong workshop will be divided intomorning talks and afternoons dedicated to practicaltraining, like making stretchers or large scalerescue simulations.For more info, call 645-5003 or


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