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Pacific Fishing Great, Marlins Biting, Sails Slow

FISHING hasbeen nothing less thansensational along thePacific coast. Acrossthe country, at Barradel Colorado, therains that plagued thenorthern Caribbeanregion were gone lastweekend, replacedwith sunny skies andtarpon rolling at theriver mouth, but very few anglers.A report from Early W. Warren, atLos Sueños Marina, fishing on the Mimi,said it was typical of what we are hearingfrom the central Pacific coastal area.“I was out Sunday and saw the mostsails I have ever seen in one day anywhere,”the transplanted Californian said.“We saw more than 500 fish, mostly inschools of 30-75 fish, feeding on small sardines.There were large yellowfin mixed inwith the sails and the Mimi hooked twolarge tuna and landed one more than 150pounds. There were several fish in the 75-pound class caught and several more largefish lost on light tackle.“The good fishing continues with lotsof fish seen, raised and released,” Warrenadded. “The water conditions are excellentwith calm blue water starting at about 18miles with lots of bait. The boats are fishingfrom the corner, south-southwest andthere are also some blue marlin and largetuna being taken on boats fishing belowand just outside Cabo Blanco.”Also out of Los Sueños, RichardKrug, a longtime San José resident, didequally well with a partyvisiting from SouthernCalifornia, the marinareported.FURTHER north inGuanacaste, Rob Gordonat Playa Carrillo fished theJohnson family on Friday.They nailed six tuna andreleased a 375-pound marlin,on his boat the KittyKat, working 14 milesstraight out, having to runonly eight miles to find theblue water. They had another marlin upand it was headed for the lure, but a hungrydorado got there first and you can’t beat adorado at the dinner table.Randy Wilson and Brock Menking,fishing legends in the Tamarindo-Flamingoarea farther north on the Pacific coast,reported an awesome marlin bite on theirboats the Talking Fish and Osprey and nolet-up in sight.“We are not seeing as many sails asnormal, but have been raising from 2-10marlin a day, on our best day hooked eightof the 10 we had up,” Wilson said.Menking had two blue marlin releaseson the Osprey last Friday, along with a lottuna to 50 pounds andsome dorado, but theyagreed the sailfish bite inthe area is slower than normalfor this time of year,and said there is very littleof the red tide still in theregion, making for a shorterrunning time.NOBODY knows whythe sailfish haven’t movedinto that region in largernumbers as they normallydo this time of year, butwith the immense population still solid furthersouth, I’m predicting they will getthere and we will see a lot of sails by theend of this month, and in July and August.We have been getting a lot of calls frompeople that have booked trips out ofFlamingo in coming months, distraught atthe news as reported in The Tico Timesthat the marina is likely to be close down(TT, June 11). Not to worry. While themarina is “officially” closed, it will notaffect the anglers or operation of the boatsbased there. There is a big, calm baywhere the boats can anchor. The worsecase scenario is you’ll have to take a fewminutes in a panga ride to put you aboard.On the Caribbean, the Río ColoradoLodge had only one fisherman on the waterover the weekend, and even though it washis first shot at tarpon he got 150 pounderto the boat for release and saw them jumpingand rolling at the river mouth all day.Lodge owner Dan Wise went outSunday morning to fish for the table inback lagoon with a flyrod and light spinningoutfit and loaded up on those greateating mojarra and four nice rainbow bass,he said.For more info on fishing or assistance inplanning a trip to Costa Rica, contact Jerryat orvisit www.costaricaoutdoors.comSkippers, operators and anglers areinvited to e-mail or call Jerry with fishingreports by Wednesday of each week. Call orfax: 282-6743 if calling from Costa Rica, orthrough the e-mail address above.


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