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Nike Heir Drowns In El Salvador

SAN SALVADOR – El Salvador’sregional prosecutor’s office in Soyapangolast week opened an investigation into thedeath of Matthew Hatfield Knight, theeldest son of Nike co-founder and chiefexecutive Phil Knight, according toSalvadoran daily El Diario de Hoy.The 34-year-old heir to the Nikesporting goods empire died May 16 whileon a diving trip with friends off Los PatosIsland in Lake Ilopango, 14 kilometerseast of San Salvador.The death is considered a drowning,but Salvadoran authorities have ordered acomplete forensic investigation.Drowning deaths are reportedly commonat Lake Ilopango, according to El Diariode Hoy’s interviews with area residents.Knight’s body was sent back to hishome state of Oregon last week on a privatejet.

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