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Friday, June 2, 2023

Man Attacked Over Turtle Eggs

TWO strangers with a macheteattacked a man last week after he confrontedthem about stealing turtle eggs in Barrade Matina, about 25 kilometers north of theCaribbean port town of Limón.Efraín Obregón, 41, works on abanana plantation, but was fishing at thetime he confronted the two.Luckily, someone who happened topass by the beach just after the strangersfled the scene helped get Obregón to thehospital. Doctors said it was a miracle hesurvived, and he is now in stable conditionat Tony Facio hospital in Limón.According to the Public SecurityMinistry, no arrests have been made in thecase.This is not the first time environmentaldo-gooders have been attacked orthreatened for their work. Police have yetto make progress regarding a death threatand an apparent attack by arsonistsagainst environmentalists working to savethe disappearing wetlands around CañoNegro (TT, May 14).


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