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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Panama Deports 3 Israeli Pranksters

THREE of six Israeli men detained inPanama last week for carrying toy gunson a Copa Airlines flight were deportedon Saturday to Colombia – the flight’scountry of origin – according to thePanamanian daily La Prensa.The three pranksters were deportedafter being cleared of charges of threateningthe country’s collective security,according to Israeli consul to Panama,Ronen Nevo. The other three detaineesare still under investigation.The six men were arrested last Sundayafter the flight crew saw that the men – allin their 20s – had placed on their mealtrays what appeared to be 9-millimeterpistols. The guns, although later discoveredto be fake, caused panic among theflight crew and other passengers who mistookthe men for hijackers.

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