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Presidency Minister To Vote in Assembly

RICARDO Toledo has announced he will resign from his post as Minister of the Presidency on April 30 and return on May 2, after resuming his seat in the Legislative Assembly for one day to vote May 1.

He will return to the Legislative Assembly to vote for Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC) deputy Gerardo González for President of the Congress.

The decision came in response to a request by Federico Vargas, head of PUSC, Toledo said.

Toledo said he is allowed the maneuver under the Costa Rican Constitution.

Article 111 states: “After taking oath of office, no representative may accept any position or employment with other State Branches or autonomous institutions, under penalty of losing his credentials, except as a Cabinet member. In this case, he shall be reinstated in the Assembly when he is no longer in such a position.”

Vice-Minister of the Presidency, Randall Quirós, will fill Toledo’s position as minister during his one-day absence.



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