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Art Project Recreates Villa Painting

THE seventh grade class at the CountryDay School in Escazú just completed an enlargement of the painting by J. Villa.

Villas’s painting is an allegorical celebration of the first banana and coffee export from Costa Rica and is located in the Teatro Nacional on the ceiling over the stairwell, and also recreated on the out-of-circulation ¢5 bill.

To make this art project, each student was provided a small square portion of a color reproduction of the painting and then the piece was enlarged 100 times.

The oversized parts were then painted in acrylics on a piece of cheesecloth. The class sewed all the pieces together to make the project complete.

THE painting (measuring 2 meters high and 5 meters tall) now adorns the ceiling in the middle school assembly hall.

The children who worked on this project are: Diego Bedoya, Rocío Brandau, Nadine Cordero, Reaford Crowe, Monserrat Cruz, Alexa Diaz, Francisca Gilmore, Diego Groisman, Leo Hofmann, Alexandra Kula, Ashley Kula, Daniel Mangel, Caleb and Colin Oakley, René Picado, Filippo Poma, Erika Reifer, Sara Robinson, Sebastián Rojas, Emily Sampson, Arturo Sangiao, Kelly Sullivan, Nicolas Zamudio, Yoav Cosiol, Maria Laura Hernández, Mark Hammond, Elena Lee.

TOM Lin, Roberto López, Daniel Loria, Gommert Mes, Umberto Perrone, Kathy Ramos, Laura Reilly, Andrea Sesin, Guillermo Silva, Andrés Zelcowicz, Daniel Zovatto, Lev Ben-Avraham, Jack Brennan, Pamela Calderón, Erica Dobrich, Kimberly Espinoza, Yukiko Inoue, Kim Hyung-Kyung, Stiven Koo, Juan-Luis Linares, Holly Maclaughlin, Elena Pacheco, Maite Saco, Paula Salvado and Esther Ten Zijthoff also worked on the project.

The project was coordinated by Margreet Wielemaker-Postma, the middle school art teacher.



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