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Costa Rican Tourists Denied Entry to Nicaragua

Recently, over one hundred Costa Rican tourists were denied entry to Nicaragua by the Ortega-Murillo regime. Despite having all the necessary documentation, the travelers were not allowed to enter the country for “security reasons.” Costa Rica’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has since demanded an explanation from the Nicaraguan Embassy. This incident has sparked concerns about diplomatic relations and the impact on cross-border tourism. Previous similar occurrences, such as the denial of entry to Honduran students, have highlighted the need for improved diplomatic dialogue between Nicaragua and its neighboring countries in order to maintain healthy relations and foster positive tourism.

Elon Musk’s satellite connectivity company, Starlink, will soon launch in Costa Rica after the government granted an operations license. The company belongs to SpaceX, and provides space transportation services. Starlink currently has a presence in El Salvador, Panama, Honduras, and Guatemala. The high-speed service will be available as of the third quarter of this year. The Superintendency of Telecommunications (SUTEL) confirmed that Starlink has completed the requirements for its operation.

The network has more than 3,000 satellites, which has enabled the expansion to other markets. Customers living in areas with difficult access can enjoy a 500 Megabits per second (Mbps) connection, which can support online streaming and gaming. The basic home kit includes an antenna with automatic motorized orientation to receive the signal, a router, and cabling. Prices for Costa Rica have yet to be officially established, but they are expected to be confirmed soon.

Federico Chacón, president of the Board of Directors of the Superintendence of Telecommunications, confirmed that the company had begun negotiations to provide services in the country in October 2022. However, all the documentation was duly presented on April 24. SUTEL issued the technical opinion through resolution RCS-093-2023 on April 27 with the recommendation to the Executive Branch to grant the concession.

World Parrot Day

On May 31, World Parrot Day is celebrated each year to raise awareness about the conservation and welfare of parrots worldwide. Costa Rica stands out for its remarkable diversity of parrots and its commitment to their protection. In addition to the Scarlet Macaw, the country is home to other parrot species, such as the Yellow-naped Amazon and the Red-lored Amazon. Costa Rica’s extensive system of protected areas and its focus on sustainable tourism has allowed parrot populations to grow and expand. The country has also made significant strides in conservation efforts, such as the reduction of threats faced by parrots, such as illegal wildlife trade, habitat loss, and climate change.

Furthermore, Costa Rica has embraced the concept of ecotourism, which allows visitors to experience the country’s rich biodiversity while contributing to its preservation. Finally, Costa Rica’s commitment to education and awareness regarding parrots has been instrumental in fostering a culture of conservation and ensuring the long-term survival of these magnificent birds. As we celebrate World Parrot Day, let us recognize Costa Rica’s remarkable efforts in preserving its parrot populations and promoting their welfare.

Nicaragua’s Biggest Belly Contest

In an extraordinary event, Nicaragua celebrated the beauty of motherhood in an unconventional way. Veronica Espinoza, 36 years old and just a few days away from her third delivery, competed with 14 other pregnant women in a contest to measure the size of their bellies. Espinoza emerged victorious with a measurement of 56 centimeters from the sternum to the pubis, while María Mudi and Ángela Vargas came in second and third respectively. The event was organized by a popular Sandinista radio station to honor motherhood and provide support to mothers with limited resources. The winners were generously rewarded with prizes, ranging from refrigerators, stoves, cribs, and various products for the baby to cash prizes worth US$60 to US$140. Through this event, we are reminded of the importance of recognizing and celebrating the unique journey of motherhood.

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