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Costa Rica passes law against racism and violence in stadiums

Costa Rica's Legislative Assembly on Tuesday approved a law that punishes violence and manifestations of racism and xenophobia in sports venues.

San José’s little Nicaragua: La Merced Park after hate

La Merced Park has been a meeting center for Nicaraguan migrants for decades. Then it was abruptly hit by a xenophobic group marching against immigration last week.

Ticos and Nicas march united against xenophobia and discrimination

About one thousand Costa Rican and Nicaraguans marched in San José this Saturday against xenophobia and in support of migrants escaping violence in Nicaragua.

False social media posts preceded anti-immigrant protest in Costa Rica

The posts claimed that Nicaraguan immigrants were burning flags and receiving university scholarships.

What Trump’s achievement has inspired

Many of us fear what Trump may do in power, but we do not need to wait to be terrified by what he has already achieved in his campaign. We saw it already on Wednesday, in various acts of hate.

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