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William Walker

Who was the revolutionary leader William Walker?

When one mentions Nashville, Tennessee, country music stars might first come to mind as I am sure one’s first thought isn’t of a U.S....

Life in Juan Santamaría’s Costa Rica: A look back

As the country celebrates Juan Santamaría Day, columnist Mitzi Stark takes a look at the Costa Rica of 1856.

Santa Rosa: Costa Rica’s stunning 1856 victory in 14-minute battle

On March 20, 1856, some 400 mercenaries from the U.S., Germany and France arrived at Hacienda Santa Rosa in northwest Guanacaste after a long day’s march, having invaded Costa Rica unopposed four days before. Little did they know they were about to face a lightning battle and a shocking defeat that would give Costa Rica its proudest war story on its own soil.

History through rockers’ eyes

Rock lovers will agree that The National Auditorium was the right place to be yesterday night, where was performed the opening night of the first original rock opera ever made in Costa Rica, “Heroes 1856”. Which tells the story of the National Campaign on 1856 where Costa Ricans fought against the filibusters who tried to take Central America.

Costa Rican history as a rock opera – on a stage near you

“To us it is so important to tell, especially to the young people, the story of Costa Rica in a different way and with fresher language, using a music genre they can understand,” Mario Campos, producer and co-creator of the opera with Jorge Urbina, told The Tico Times. "We have heroes who have stood out throughout history."

Costa Rica accuses Bolivian president of meddling in election

The Costa Rican Foreign Ministry said it deplored Bolivian President Evo Morales' comments on Feb. 7 claiming Costa Rica was a former colony of the United States and that the U.S. had disbanded the country's army, according to a statement released Monday.

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