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Fall migration at Kèköldi, Costa Rica’s million-raptor watch site

One of the most spectacular wildlife displays on the planet is happening in the skies over Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast right now: fall raptor migration and the formation of a "river of raptors." And thanks to a geographic bottleneck, one of the best places in the world to witness it is the Kèköldi indigenous territory on Costa Rica's southern Caribbean coast.

Crocodiles sleep with one eye open

It's always been a terrible idea to sneak up on a sleeping crocodile. A new study confirms why.

Costa Rica’s howler monkeys are the least loud but most well-endowed

For male howler monkeys on the search for a mate, size matters; but being a well-endowed monkey comes at a price. The results of a new study show that in some species of howler monkeys the larger a monkey’s testicles are, the smaller its voice.

Urban flocks (Part 2): 5 more common birds of San José

Continuing last month's series, a look at five more birds that are common in the trees, telephone wires, rooftops, and sidewalks of San José.

Urban flocks (Part 1): 5 common birds of San José

Birding is the nature-lover's antidote to living in the city, because birds are everywhere. And the ones you see while sitting in traffic are no less amazing than those deep in the rain forest.

It’s frog orgy season

It's rainy season, which in Costa Rica is also frog orgy season.

On Pacific beaches, dancing the hermit crab conga

Costa Rica's hermit crabs struggle with shell shortages and must risk their lives in a deadly game to move up a size.

The secret lives of leaf-cutting ants

When looking for wildlife in Costa Rica it’s easy to become fixated on the unusual mammals and vibrant birds, but one of the country’s most complex creatures lies underfoot.

6 Costa Rican animal names decoded

The Spanish or indigenous American terms for these creatures are nothing short of fascinating. Here's a glimpse at the amazing lexicon that’s been created for Costa Rica’s wide array of creatures.

Wild myths: Costa Rican animal legends

Long before hordes of tourists and biologists began flocking to Costa Rica for its amazing biodiversity, the country’s native people became the area’s first wildlife experts. Through close observation during frequent close-encounters with animals, Costa Rica’s indigenous people built up extensive mythologies surrounding the country’s wildlife. These beliefs are best preserved among Costa Rica’s Bribrí and Boruca people, who had animals featured prominently in their religion, healing ceremonies and even their dreams.

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