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Looking back: A microscopic wasp and other amazing Costa Rica wildlife stories

We decided to use this month’s Into the Wild to take a look back at the three most insane wildlife stories of 2014.

Costa Rica’s most dangerous creatures

Costa Rica is full of adorable, cuddly and fascinating creatures, and it also has its fair share of animals that could kill you. Though animal-related deaths are extremely rare, it’s good to have an idea of what animals can cause you some serious harm.

6 camouflaged Costa Rican creatures you probably haven’t seen

The jungle can be a scary place, and even for some of the fiercest of Costa Rica’s creatures, sometimes the best defense is just to hide. Fortunately, these six animals have figured out a way to hide out in plain site.

The zombie wasp that gives alien spiders nightmares

Found only in Costa Rica, the Hymenoepimecis argyra parasite wasp doesn't just kill orb spiders. It also takes over the spiders' minds and forces them to do its bidding.

High-tech backpacks key to saving baby sloths

Long before a teary-eyed Kristen Bell professed her love for sloths on daytime television catapulting the slow-moving creature into Internet superstardom, the sloth may have been one of the most hated creatures on earth.

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