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No shirt, no shoes, no hospital visiting privileges, says Costa Rican Supreme Court 

The judges were not impressed with the complainant’s "sun’s out, guns out” argument and upheld the hospital’s right to impose a public dress code.

Boozy bandit tries to steal $50,000 ambulance in Costa Rica

The thought of the holidays might drive some to drink but drinking and stealing an ambulance?

Pot popsicle lands high (school) student in hospital 

Police reportedly called the girl’s parents and issued a public call for students to avoid anything handed to them in the street (like strange frozen things in plastic bags).

Pigeon lands behind bars in Costa Rica for drug trafficking

Authorities did not say how long the pigeon had been flying high in its life of crime, but it will now spend its days behind bars at an animal rescue center.

China monitoring animals to predict earthquakes

Possible abnormal behavior that could indicate imminent earthquakes includes chickens flying atop trees, fish leaping out of water or toads moving in a group.

Man throws religious icons into Costa Rica’s Poás Volcano

Most people visit Costa Rica's volcanoes to admire their beauty, but one man apparently had a different idea.

Costa Rica gets presidential piglet

It might have been a white elephant for some, but Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís has adopted a piglet given to him during...

3 arrested after rustling pigs into a car

It seems that there is no limit to what livestock thieves can fit in the trunk of a car.

Costa Rica police rescue mule hidden in car’s trunk

Cattle and mule rustling are common in northern Costa Rica. Farm owners frequently report rustlers taking their animals to Nicaragua or killing them to sell their meat door to door.

World tallest and shortest men meet on Guinness Records Day

LONDON – The world's tallest and shortest men came face to shin on Thursday to celebrate the 10th annual Guinness World Records Day, as people across the globe set several new bonkers benchmarks.

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