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Wang Jing

Nicaragua approves environmental, social impact assessments to begin canal construction

The government of Daniel Ortega has approved environmental and social impact studies allowing construction of the Nicaragua Canal to commence in 2016.

Financial, environmental questions plague Nicaragua canal project

It isn’t looking good for Chinese billionaire Wang Jing and his planned $50 billion Nicaragua canal project. New financial, social and environmental concerns have cast doubt on the feasibility of the proposed interoceanic canal, and construction has now been delayed until March.

Nicaragua can’t stop dreaming of a canal

It's looking less likely by the day that it will actually happen, says Bloomberg View columnist Justin Fox.

How would George Kennan respond to Nicaragua’s ‘military dependency’ on Russia?

A serious national security problem is emerging in the Caribbean Basin, much neglected by Washington. Banging the final nail in the coffin of the Monroe Doctrine, Russia’s Vladimir Putin is joining China in building a trans-oceanic canal through Nicaragua, as well as a military supply facility.

A canal across Nicaragua: Is this for real?

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – It would be an engineering feat of gargantuan proportions – a $40 billion Chinese-built canal across Nicaragua to boost the flow of ships between the Caribbean and the Pacific.

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