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How to vote in the 2018 midterm elections from Costa Rica

The 2018 midterm elections in the United States are right around the corner. Hundreds of state and congressional seats are up for grabs Nov. 6 and even if you’re relaxing on a hammock at a beach in Costa Rica, you can still vote.

Super Tuesday: Polls open in the South and New England on a fateful day

More delegates are up for grabs Tuesday than on any other single day in the Democratic nominating calendar.

US expats in Costa Rica can vote in person for presidential primary

There's still time for U.S. voters living abroad to request an absentee ballot for the presidential primaries with Super Tuesday less than a month away.

No results yet in El Salvador legislative, municipal elections

Anyone who wants to get a head start tallying votes — or try and beat the government’s timeline — can go to the electoral tribune’s website and view results from individual polling sites.

Still time to cast an absentee ballot for US midterm elections

U.S. citizens living in Costa Rica have likely enjoyed the perk of avoiding the deluge of political ads during the runup to the midterm elections this fall. But just because you didn’t have to suffer through the campaign season doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to vote. This November, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up for grabs along with Senate seats in 36 states.

A vote for Costa Rica

Providing voters with a national fountain of youth where they can return again and again to embrace their political heritage, remember their founding leaders, and honor their political history and original documents, elections are how democracy renews itself.

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