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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Costa Rica Presidential Election Heads To Second Round

According to the latest results reported from Costa Rica’s Supreme Election Tribunal (TSE) there will be a second and final round on April 3 between former President Jose Maria Figueres of the National Liberation Party (PLN) and Rodrigo Chaves of the Party for Social Democratic Progress (PSD).

Figueres received 27.29% of the vote and Chaves 16.66% with approximately 80% of the results reported.

There were a total of 25 candidates running for the top office this cycle.

In third place was Fabricio Alvarado of the New Republic Party (NR) with 14.90% of the vote and Lineth Sabrio of the Party Social Christian Unity  (PUSC) with 12.40%.

Eliecer Feinzaig of the  Progressive Liberal Party did not make  it to the second round but was elected to the National Assembly along with 5 other members of  his party.

The Broad Front (FA) candidate Jose Maria Villalta, also failed to make it to the second round but will send 5 members to the National Assembly.

A disappointing election result was the record level of absenteeism. According to the TSE 40%, of eligible voters stayed away from the first round of voting.

Figueres seems to be the favorite in the second round but with 72% of the vote going to other candidates or those abstaining in the first round, he will not only need to convince more voters to give him a second term but also consolidate his party’s influence in the National Assembly in order to promote his agenda for the future of Costa Rica.

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