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Venezuela crisis

New Costa Rica Visa Requirements for Venezuelans

It just got more difficult to get into Costa Rica, especially for Venezuelans. Starting next week on February 21st anyone from Venezuela will need...

Venezuela’s Guaido digs in as ‘acting president’ without power

Opposition leader Juan Guaido officially began a new year as Venezuela's "acting president" on Tuesday after his position was renewed by a defunct parliament...

Costa Rica closes embassy in Venezuela as cost-cutting measure

Costa Rica on Wednesday announced the closure of the country's embassy and consulate general in Caracas, Venezuela.

Inviting rival to State of the Union, Trump vows to ‘smash’ Venezuela’s Maduro

United States President Donald Trump vowed Tuesday to smash the rule of Venezuela’s leftist leader Nicolas Maduro.

Guaido and rival both claim to be Venezuela’s parliament speaker

The United States congratulated Guaido on being re-elected as speaker and said it condemned the failed efforts of the former Maduro regime to negate the will of the democratically elected National Assembly.

Costa Rica will ask for international help to assist migrant crisis

The president of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, will ask the international community for help in the face of an influx of migrants, the government said Sunday.

TIAR countries approve sanctions, increasing pressure against Maduro government

Of the nearly 4.5 million people who have fled Venezuela, 1.4 million are in Colombia.

Contact group on Venezuela says ‘status quo not an option’

The number of Venezuelans fleeing economic devastation at home under Maduro is likely to soar from 4.5 million currently to 6.5 million next year.

TIAR countries prepare to sanction those close to Maduro

TIAR began this week to determine which people related to Maduro could be sanctioned for violations of human rights, corruption and money laundering.

China calls US outrage over Venezuela UN election ‘unjustifiable’

Maduro still has strong support at the UN, from Russia and China in particular.

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