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U.S. border

Immigration to headline talks between Biden, Lopez Obrador

Another key issue for the U.S. and Mexican leaders is cooperating on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mexican president says he has Covid-19

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced Sunday that he was infected with the coronavirus, but said his symptoms were mild.

Mexico’s AMLO expects Biden cooperation on migration

Lopez Obrador had previously fostered a good relationship with President Donald Trump despite their obvious ideological differences.

United States will send some Mexican asylum seekers to Guatemala, DHS says

Many international observers say the country -- with 60 percent poverty -- is in no shape to welcome refugees but simply signed the agreement under intense US pressure.

Mexico arrests Sinaloa drug cartel members on US border in joint operation

Mexican police arrested up to 24 members of the Sinaloa drug cartel in a joint operation with the United States that also netted a cache of heavy weaponry and drugs, officials said Sunday.

Fox’s ‘Bordertown’ is a ripped-from-the-headlines satire

The animated comedy "Bordertown" revolves around two neighboring families in the fictional Southwest desert town of Mexifornia. It premieres Sunday night on Fox.

In the US, the bottom 90 percent are poorer today than they were in 1987

Once upon a time, the United States economy worked for everybody, and even the middle class got richer. But this story has been only...

Islamic State terrorists talked of entering U.S. through Mexico

Francis Taylor, under secretary for intelligence and analysis at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, told a Senate committee Wednesday that the Sunni militants have been tracked discussing the idea on social-media sites such as Twitter.

‘Writing was on the wall’ for child immigrant crisis, says new study

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A new study on the child migrant crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border published by the Inter-American Dialogue states that the ongoing crisis – while dominating headlines recently – isn’t something that should have taken us by surprise.

Mexico has key role in confronting surge of Central American migrants

By the time Jhonny Torres reached the tent-camp migrant shelter here on the northern outskirts of Mexico City, he'd been held up five times by armed gangs, including a group of commandos claiming to be members of the Zetas cartel. But he never encountered any Mexican police or soldiers.

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