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Illegal fishing kills Costa Rica marine life and tourism in Golfo Dulce and Southern Zone

Eco-tourism and sport-fishing tourism are both being threatened by illegal commercial fishing practices in Costa Rica.

Central America begins ban to protect lobster

Central American lobster exports generate more than $350 million per year.

Project advances to move tuna sein boats 100 miles from coast

Costa Rica needs to improve on its protection of its valuable tuna resources — not only for the sport fishing fleet they represent, but for the benefit of all national fishermen.

Fate of bigeye tuna in the balance in quota meet

The Latin American countries of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Mexico are pressing for no change in the quota.

Costa Rica regaining position in global sport fishing world

Twenty-five years ago, Costa Rica was known as the sailfish capital of the world.

How to catch big yellowfin and bigeye tuna offshore in Costa Rica

Thanks to the efforts of FECOP and other organizations that protect the waters of Costa Rica, tuna are back with a vengeance for sport...

Why I sometimes hate conservation – or, the ‘dolphin breeding ground’ debacle

"I have never given an opinion pro or con. What I have defended against many times is fabricated statements from environmental zealots."

New study: Costa Rica is giving away its fishing wealth

Costa Rica receives some $19 for each metric ton of tuna that can later reach a market price of some $2,000.

Fishermen report more tuna, dolphin along Pacific coast

The Costa Rican Fisheries Federation (FECOP) credits an October 2014 governmental decree restricting industrial tuna fishing in Costa Rican waters with what it says are recovering tuna and dolphin populations.

More calls for reform of the Costa Rican Fisheries Institute

Leaders of the Costa Rican Fisheries Federation (FECOP) on Wednesday presented an action plan to reform the Costa Rican Fisheries Institute (INCOPESCA), saying the regulatory agency had “lost its way and requires substantial changes.”

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