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Defendants captured aboard supposed drug vessel accuse U.S. authorities of torture

The men caught aboard a ship with over a ton of cocaine said U.S. officials took them to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba while torturing them for a week.

Chile to try former secret police for diplomat’s death

Prosecutors accuse the secret police of abducting, torturing and killing Carmelo Soria, an official with the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America who was found dead inside his car in July 1976.

After 30 years, mother hopes for justice in son’s murder during Chilean protest

Veronica DeNegri waited almost three decades for the news she received last week at her Washington-area home: Officials in Chile were preparing to arrest the men who allegedly burned her son to death during a protest march in Santiago in 1986.

Uruguay says it won’t take more Guantanamo inmates

Uruguay resettled six Guantánamo inmates as refugees in December in a bid to help U.S. President Barack Obama fulfill his long-delayed promise to close the offshore prison. But the country's new leader says no more.

US to deport ex-Salvadoran minister over rights violations

Carlos Eugenio Vides Casanova was defense minister during the 1980-1992 war pitting a U.S.-backed government against leftist rebels, which left some 75,000 dead and another 7,000 missing.

Automotores Orletti: Memories of the Argentine dictatorship

The former Centro Clandestino de Detención, Tortura y Exterminio Automotores Orletti, located in the western section of the Argentine capital, was an old mechanic’s workshop at 3519-21 Venancio Flores Street, in front of the train tracks in Floresta, a tranquil residential neighborhood. In this nondescript place lie the memories of the Argentine military dictatorship and the atrocities committed against those who passed through here.

My client, a CIA torture victim

The Senate report shows that Redha al-Najar was tortured by the CIA for nearly 700 days. He was subjected to isolation in total darkness, sound disorientation techniques, sense of time deprivation, limited light, cold temperatures, sleep deprivation, blaring loud music for 24 hours a day, bad food, and humiliation and degradation such as being made to wear a diaper and having no access to toilet facilities, hooding and shackling.

Torture report revives CIA’s rogue image

"This image of the CIA supposedly having run amok and having done all this torture stuff on its own will stick with a large part of the American public," said Paul Pillar, a former senior CIA analyst who had a 28-year career in the intelligence community.

5 major takeaways from the CIA report

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee spent five years investigating the CIA's post-Sept. 11, 2001, detention and interrogation program. Its findings, released Tuesday, are at times harrowing. The CIA and former officials vehemently dispute many of the conclusions. In a statement, the agency said the report has "too many flaws for it to stand as the official record of the program."

Costa Rica signs anti-torture law

President Laura Chinchilla signed a bill into law Tuesday establishing a mechanism to implement the United Nations' Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture.

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