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Archaeologists discover ancient petroglyph in Guanacaste

Archaeologists unearthed and moved the rock for conservation and study with the help of experts from the National Museum.

500-year-old tomb discovered in San Ramón

Whether it belongs to a Pharaoh or commoner, a recently rediscovered tomb is fun to open. And recently, a couple of archaeologists got their chance in San Ramón, Costa Rica.

Thousands of pre-Columbian artifacts returning to Costa Rica

National Museum director said the exhibition will give us deeper insight into Costa Rica’s indigenous history.

U.S. museum to return indigenous artifacts

The Brooklyn Museum in New York is voluntarily giving up a priceless 4,500-piece pre-Columbian collection, but the Costa Rican National Museum doesn’t have money to pay for shipping.

Indigenous cemetery uncovered in Tres Ríos

A team of archaeologists has uncovered a rare and important time capsule on private property in the Costa Rican town of Tres Ríos, just...

Archaeologists: Ancient Site Holds Much More

ARCHAEOLOGISTS have begun excavating the prehistoric dwelling recently discovered near Palmar Sur on the southern Pacific coast, the largest of its kind discovered in...

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