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Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Teatro Espressivo

VIDEO: A closer look at ‘Battlefield’ before its Costa Rican premiere

A glimpse of "Battlefield," set to premiere Oct. 18 at the National Theater in honor of the iconic building's 120th anniversary.

Teatro Espressivo brings message of peace to National Theater anniversary

The theater’s anniversary celebrations also showcase this country’s generations of international residents, its rich yet accessible artistic traditions, and its historic commitment to peace.

‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ a multimedia wonder

Picture this: Your wacky uncle appears with an ancient scrap of paper. Together, you decode its inscription, and you learn that an Icelandic volcano opens a shortcut into the Earth’s mantle. He insists that you travel to Reykjavik, hire a brutish guide named Hans, and crawl in this fiery crevice, armed only with hemp ropes and canteens of water.

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