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Costa Rica Beach Safety: Beware of Rip Currents

Rip currents – more commonly known as rip tides or undertows – are among the most dangerous and ubiquitous members of Costa Rica’s beach...

5 questions for a Costa Rican swimwear designer

Daniela Umaña, of Turrialba, created a brand that promotes Costa Rican design, art and conservation.

Dominical: Despite alarmed lifeguards, son’s drowning was not in the cards

When a giant wave swamped my son, swimming at Playa Dominical, the lifeguards came running. But the main thing he was in danger of losing was his pants.

With open-water swimming, Golfo Dulce comes to life

The Cruce Golfo Dulce open-water swim competition quietly happened this weekend without much fanfare and just 30 participants in the featured race, but its effect on an area starving for economic stimulus could be huge.

Open water swimmers race through Golfo Dulce

The Cruce Aguas Abiertas Golfo Dulce event began on a sunny Saturday morning with the 1.5- and 5-kilometer races. On Sunday, swimmers will return to the water to cross the gulf in a 14-kilometer swim for the first time in the event's history.

Tico swims across Golfo Dulce to test waters for upcoming race

A 14-kilometer marathon swim across Golfo Dulce will take place September 12. Twenty-year-old José Manuel Cullell swam across the gulf in early July to test the course.

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