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Looking for privacy in a Costa Rica property? You don’t need 50 acres

A couple of nudists looking for complete privacy in a Costa Rica property learn they don't need nearly as much acreage as they thought.

Building a dream villa and launching a business in Costa Rica

We decided to visit Costa Rica three years ago and fell in love with the country, so we decided to build a beautiful villa in the community of Hermosa Heights in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste.

So you’re planning on buying into Costa Rican paradise: 7 things to consider

Costa Rica is unquestionably one of the most amazing places in the world to live. It is at or near the top of every desirability index, but beyond the social network buzz and breathless accounts from lucky journos on a paid junket to paradise, this country really is transcendental.

Buying in Costa Rica: How to find the best areas

Starting off with the right foot is critical when you buy real estate, and it is essential to find out where the best areas are to buy in Costa Rica before you make the jump. But how will you know?

4 tips for choosing vacation property in Costa Rica

Deciding where to look for a vacation home in Costa Rica can be a bit overwhelming, so here is what you need to consider in deciding on where to make your dream come true.
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Costa Rica Travel Insurance

Best Time to Watch April Lyrids Meteor Shower in Costa Rica

Those who love astronomical phenomena have an appointment in the early hours of Sunday to Monday, as they will be able to observe the...

Costa Rican Companies Struggle with Low Dollar Exchange Rate

Costa Rican companies had warned on several occasions that keeping the dollar so low was causing many economic problems. They emphasized that without action,...

Costa Rica’s First Indigenous Biocentric Restoration Plan Takes Root

A group of indigenous women, delegates from the Cabecares Kábata Könana Indigenous Women's Association, has been developing the first project of Biocentric Restoration of...