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Supreme Elections Tribunal

Costa Rica at a glance: top news from the past week

Highlights from President Alvarado's first full week in office.

Controversy surrounds Costa Rica’s decision on gender identity

The decision came in response to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) ruling in January of this year.

Voters leave flowers at Costa Rica’s Elections Tribunal

Our daily Costa Rican moment of zen. #tanlindacostarica

Awaiting the final results

Images from the Supreme Elections Tribunal in downtown San José on Election Night.

Ten new parties register for the 2018 election

In total 16 national parties are registered to take part in the presidential elections, and 12 are allowed to present candidates for the Legislative Assembly.

Fuel prices set to rise for the second time this year

RECOPE's ongoing fuel-setting requests led citizen group “Ya no más RECOPE" (No more RECOPE) to call for a public demonstration to request for the opening of the fuel distribution market in Costa Rica.

The conversation Costa Rica should be having this election year

The 2018 elections should open the door for some much-needed conversations in Costa Rica. Is this likely? No, but Alvaro Murillo won't give up hope.

Ticos living abroad can now register online to vote in 2018

The number of Ticos registered to vote from abroad doubled in the past two years from 12,654 to 25,370 as of Sept. 30.

Civil Registry now issues digital birth, marriage and death certificates

Costa RIca's new digital certificates include an alphanumeric security code that allows any interested party to confirm the certificate’s validity.

Citizen group wants referendum on drafting a new Constitution

Proponents of a new constitution want to decentralize the government's power and declare Costa Rica a secular state.

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