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South America

Peru, Argentine economies post huge falls

Peru's year-on-year GDP fell by 30 percent in the second quarter of 2020 as it was badly affected by coronavirus containment measures, the government said on Thursday.

Group of 28 countries seeks support for democratic transition in Venezuela

The US State Department released the joint statement without specifying the signatory countries, but the Peruvian Foreign Ministry gave the list, which includes Costa Rica.

Young Latinos vent pandemic fury after lost 2020

For four young adults across Latin America, 2020 was meant to be a year of freedom and opportunity. Instead, the coronavirus pandemic brought confinement and frustration. 

Unemployment in virus-hit Brazil reaches 13.3%, worst in 3 years

Virus-hit Brazil's unemployment rate rose to 13.3% in the April-June quarter, its highest in three years.

Pandemic tensions revive protests in Latin America

Long confinements and widespread pessimism in Latin America due to the advance of the coronavirus and the economic debacle have fueled tensions, which in some cases are beginning to turn into protests.

$4 trillion fund holders tell Brazil to halt deforestation

Increased deforestation in the Amazon could actually increase Brazil's annual contribution to global warming. 

Surge in Latin America as global coronavirus toll passes 400,000

Cases are rising sharply in Mexico, Peru and Ecuador, while in Chile, total deaths have now reached 2,290.

Brazil virus toll surges to third-highest in world

The bleak figures from Brazil underlined the toll the virus is taking in Latin America, the latest epicenter in the pandemic.

Latin America the new epicenter as pandemic causes international division

A return to normality seems very distant for Latin America, the current epicenter of the pandemic, which exceeded 50,000 deaths from the coronavirus — almost 29,000 of them in Brazil.

LATAM, Latin America’s largest airline, files for bankruptcy in US

The International Air Transport Association has forecast a $15 billion loss in revenue for Latin American airlines this year.

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