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Sonámbulo Psicotropical

Ousted culture minister blames subordinates for arts festival woes

Fonseca said organizers' insistence on boosting the festival budget means there's not much money left for other cultural activities that rely on the same funding pool.

Sonámbulo cancellation adds to FIA woes

As the troubled 2015 edition of the International Arts Festival limps to a close, the show of popular national band Sonámbulo Psicotropical promised to be a bright spot in a fortnight filled with disorganization and controversy. However, it turned out to be just another casualty on a long list of cancellations.

New Sonámbulo album expands style, stays funky

Among fans, Sonámbulo can do no wrong; as long as they keep their zest, everybody’s happy. Yet the band continues to experiment, and “Psicosonorama” is inches closer to greatness.

Sonámbulo launches long-awaited new album

The day is finally here. Popular Costa Rican band Sonámbulo has announced the launch of its hotly anticipated new album, "Psicosonorama," now available on the group's website and on iTunes.

International Arts Festival taking over San José for next 2 weeks

The International Arts Festival (FIA) is one of the biggest events of the year in San José. And it's not simply one event – the 26-year-old festival brings together many works of arts in a massive celebration. There are concerts, a film festival, theater shows, a literary conference, a dance showcase, and even a series of circuses.

New music video from Costa Rica’s Sonámbulo

In a celebration concert at Jazz Café Escazú Thursday, Costa Rican band Sonámbulo Psicotropical released a music video for "La Maraca," the first single from their unreleased sophomore album.

Lineup announced for Envision 2014

Costa Rica's transformational festival will take place at a new location with shade, car camping and free access to the beach.

The Doors’ drummer John Densmore to play concert with Costa Rica’s Sonámbulo

Densmore and the popular Costa Rican band will share the stage on Saturday night in Escazú. The drummer is in town as a special guest for a sustainable tourism conference next week.

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