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Now you can save lots of money migrating to solar energy in Costa Rica

According to Ministerial Decree 39220 (Ruling for the distributed Electrical generators for self-usage), since October 2015 the installations of solar panels with DC to...

Costa Rica upholds tax breaks for electric cars, solar panels

In 2018 alone, more electric vehicles entered the country than had entered over the previous seven years combined.

Costa Rica inaugurates country’s largest solar park

Costa Rica on Saturday inaugurated the country’s largest solar park, which the government says will provide electricity to 5,000 homes.

Costa Rican indigenous women to learn about solar power in India

The Costa Rican women were awarded scholarships from the Government of India to enroll in Barefoot College Institute’s Solar Lighting program in Rajasthan for six months.

Regulator approves decrease in electricity rates for next quarter

The change in electricity tariffs will vary by company, but the average decrease will be 5.41 percent.

Costa Rica’s electricity mostly from renewable sources in 2016

ICE president Carlos Manuel Obregón said the strategic location of the country's reservoirs allows it to maximize rainfall collection, mostly from the highlands and the Caribbean region.

Homes, businesses that produce renewable energy can now store it in the grid

Costa Rican homes and businesses that generate electricity through solar and other renewable sources can store surplus in the grid starting Friday.

Benefits of solar energy on display at 2-day San José expo

Members of the Costa Rican Association of Solar Energy (ACESOLAR) will showcase the benefits of solar energy at the second annual Exposolar 2015 fair, held Nov. 20-21 at San José's Antigua Aduana.

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