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Costa Rica declines to vote on shark protections at international convention

The Costa Rican government angered conservationists Friday when it declined to vote on whether to list two shark species as needing protection under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Winners of Costa Rica Fishackathon create tool to help track fuel subsidies for fishing

Tech firm ImagineXYZ won the Costa Rica Fishackathon 2016 with the idea for a digital remora that would help better track the use of fuel subsidies for fishing boats.

Fishackathon invites conservation-minded techies to help solve overfishing

This weekend, San José and more than 40 others cities worldwide will challenge groups of coders and scientists to find solutions to overfishing in the third Fishackathon.

Costa Rican awarded prestigious marine conservation fellowship

Costa Rican environmentalist Randall Arauz is one of five selected for the Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation.

Costa Rica says it will support new shark protections despite agreements with fishermen

Costa Rica says it will support protections for three additional shark species under the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species, despite contrary agreements with fishermen.

Costa Rica President Solís named ‘Shark Enemy of the Year’

Environmental groups say recent decisions by the Solís administration will greatly harm local shark populations. Solís says he's protecting poor fishermen.

The winners and losers of Costa Rica in 2015

The headline says it all. Find out who we picked this year.

The best of long-form journalism in 2015 from The Tico Times

The year's best long-form journalism from The Tico Times.

Costa Rican government rejects Shark Enemy nomination

The Costa Rican government will not sacrifice fishermen for sharks, President Luis Guillermo Solís said last week in response to his nomination for the unflattering Shark Enemy 2016 award.

Costa Rica President Solis’ Rightfully Awarded ‘Shark Enemy’ Dishonor

In this op-ed, two conservationists from the organization Turtle Island Restoration Network tell why they think President Luis Guillermo Solís' nomination for "Shark Enemy" of the year is justified.

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