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Shark Enemy of the Year

Costa Rican government rejects Shark Enemy nomination

The Costa Rican government will not sacrifice fishermen for sharks, President Luis Guillermo Solís said last week in response to his nomination for the unflattering Shark Enemy 2016 award.

Costa Rica President Solis’ Rightfully Awarded ‘Shark Enemy’ Dishonor

In this op-ed, two conservationists from the organization Turtle Island Restoration Network tell why they think President Luis Guillermo Solís' nomination for "Shark Enemy" of the year is justified.

Costa Rica President Luis Guillermo Solís nominated for ‘Shark Enemy of the Year’ award

In a letter published as a full-page ad in Spanish-language daily La Nación on Monday, conservation group Sharkproject International announced the nomination of President Luis Guillermo Solís for the 2016 Shark Enemy of the Year award.

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